How Can You Install Applications on an iPod touch

2012-ipodtouchOwning an iPod Touch that doesn’t have a good library of apps is not enjoyable. This is because these apps are essential in the making your iPod Touch functional and fun. We are going to show you ways in which you can install apps on your iPod Touch. However, you should ensure that you have a network connection on your iPod so you can quickly download and install new apps on your iPod Touch.

3 different ways to get apps on your iPod Touch

Using the App Store

One way of installing apps on your iPod Touch is through the Apple app store. However, you will need to log in to the app store using your Apple ID. You also need to have an active wireless network connection for you to get access to the store and download apps.

You should also check for any system updates. This is because some apps will only be available to you if you have the latest version of iOS. Once you are logged in to the app store, browse it to select the app that you would like to download. If the app requires you to purchase it, then tap its price to buy it. You should then tap the install button to begin downloading the app.

Using iTunes

Another way of installing apps on your iPod Touch is through the iTunes store. Once you open the iTunes store, you can search or browse for the app of your choice. Once you have selected the app, you can check out its details to see whether it is free or paid. You can also go through user reviews to know how people who have used the app rate the app.

Installing Special Case Apps

Sometimes you may want to install different case apps. These are apps that are not found in the Apple app store in iTunes store. To download these apps, you will first need to install Cydia. Cydia is an application that allows you to jailbreak your iPod so that you can install apps that are generally not granted in the Apple App store. With Cydia, you will be able to install any app you would want on your iPod. You will even be able to establish VPN on iPod. By jailbreaking your iPod, you will be able to squeeze the most productivity from it since you will install games and all kinds of apps on your device.